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88% does not come back after a bad website experience. With about 50% being mobile, if a site isn’t mobile compatible it could lose up to 44% of their traffic. (, 2021)

Calliste Moerman

At least 64% of online users click on a Google ad when seeking an item. (, 2021)

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Hi my name is Calliste. I’m a 20 year old student-entrepreneur. I welcome you to my site.

Since the second quarter 2020 I’ve found a big interest that turned into a passion: DIGITAL MARKETING AND ANALYSIS. You might think a young guy’s passion is marketing sounds a little strange that’s probably because it’s true. However for the past time I’ve deepened myself in the art of commerce and tried to learn as much as I could. So that I would be ready to help other companies grow, up the sales or achieve their goal.

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Businesses who invest in analytics, averagely boost their sales by 25%. (, 2021)

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