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What we do

Kronoss is a Social Media Marketing Bureau (SMMB). Now what is that exactly? A SMMB is a company that gives other businesses the option to grow and expand via advertisements, SEO&SEM or other online tools.

I hear you thinking: “how exactly?”. Well, for every business the strategy is obviously different, so flexibility is of utmost importance. 

The next boxes generally describe the advertisement process.

Step 1:

Generally we start by making analysis's of everything you have at that moment: your website, Fb page, Instagram page, and so on… This gives us a clearer image on how, where and to whom we should direct ourselves.

Step 2:

Choose the platform(s), audience, placements of use according to the data acquired via the analyses.

Step 3:

Create the content that will be used in the various ads. Creativity is one of the main ingredients for this step.

Step 4:

Create the ads.

Step 5:

Maintain the ads. Make small tweaks to optimise the ads even further.

Step 6:

Start over. Redo all the analysis work to subsebquently adapt and tweak the ads to their best.

Sailing boat Optimist, English Championship 2014, Calliste Moerman
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At least 50% act after watching a video ad. (, 2021)

Our specialities

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Google is with 92% worldwide, the most used search engine. (, 2021)

Want to learn even more or have some questions about certain aspects? Don’t hesitate to ask. Click here!



Facebook is a social networking site where you can connect with as many people as you want. Basically creating giant networks.


Facebook business suite

Facebook business suite is a platform for supervising the content of Fb and Instagram.


Google ads

Google ads is an online advertising platform that provides the service of doing marketing on Google.



Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on visual content owned by Facebook.


Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager is a platform form which you can make ads for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and oversee all the current ads.



Messenger is an online social media platform for chatting owned by Facebook.



Google is an online search engine.



Manychat is an online platforms for creating chatbots or automated messages.


Google analytics

Google analytics is a web analytics service for tracking & reporting website traffic. This is especially useful for targeted marketing.

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